Previous Winners

* Indicates undergraduate winner

2022 Winners

Trust Optimization In Human-AI Interaction: Optimizing worker trust in AI systems to increase industry metrics
Cody Carroll, Fatemeh Mozaffar, and Logan Smith
The University of Georgia

From Automation to Intelligence: Self-organizing Systems
Mingfei Jiang
Beijing Institute of Technology

Technology and Human Resource Investments for a Resilient Futuristic Design and Manufacturing Company
Rashmi Rama Sushil
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

The Complex Systems of High-Tech Manufacturing — 2040
Evelyn Thomas and Sumant Dilip Rokade
The Pennsylvania State University

Leading Design and Manufacturing in 2040: A Focus on Mass Customization & Human-Robot Collaboration
Oredola Adebayo
The University of Texas at Dallas

Industrial 2040: A Vision of the Future State of Design and Manufacturing
Krik Johnson and Nathaniel Smith
Francis Marion University

2021 Winners

Decision Support for Design of Smart and Connected Products, Processes and Systems of the Future
Matthew Baby
Florida Institute of Technology

A Turnkey Solution to Unlock the Power Future of Manufacturing
Bhavika Jain and Vatsal Shah
Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship, Purdue University

Challenges in the Design of Complex Systems
Sachin Hebbale Lokesh
Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship, Purdue University

Energy Industry Success for the Future – Investment in People and Their Ideas
Jacob Starks*
The University of Oklahoma

2020 Winners

An Autonomous Approach to Facilitate Global Remote Healthcare Services
Ahmed S. Chowdhury and Lakshmi Narasimhon
Florida Institute of Technology

How Does It Affect Me? The Need for Empathy in a Sustainable World
Rohan Prabhu
The Pennsylvania State University

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Alan Soo*
Sydney University of Technology

2019 Winners

Rethinking the Utility of Waste: A look into a waste utility network model of circular-economic enterprise(s)
Jonathan T. Bessette*
University at Buffallo

Design for Scarcity
Hannah D. Budinoff
University of California, Berkeley

BioX Technologies, a 2035 Global Sustainable Enterprise
Nafiseh Masoudi and Jebin Biju
Clemson University

Regenerative rockets and Remanufactured satellites: Are we ready now?
Lakshmi Narasimhon A. V. and Ahmed M. S. Chowdhury
Florida Institute of Technology

End-of-Life Recovery as an Intelligent Model for the 2035 Manufacturing Industry
Massimigliano Di Luigi
University at Buffalo

Preventing and Predicting Diabetic Foot Ulceration in 2035:
A Design Framework for an Integrated Clinical Decision Support Footwear
Lin Guo
University of Oklahoma

How Nanotechnology Will Transform Design and Manufacturing
Juzel Lloyd*
Howard University

Eco-Islands: Offshore Sustainable Manufacturing
Xiaoyang Mao
Florida Institute of Technology

Smart Villages — A Sustainable Approach for People, Planet, and Prosperity
Anju Vijayan Nair
Mississippi State University

Stay Competitive in Big Data: A Text Mining Platform for Knowledge Discovery in Manufacturing Enterprises
Shan Peng
University of Oklahoma

2018 Winners

Adaptive Products through Artificial Intelligence
Jonathan Bessette*
University at Buffalo

Holonic Manufacturing Systems for Agile Manufacturing
Ismayuzri Bin Ishak and Mark Moffatt
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Florida Institute of Technology

Viva in Vitro: Relpacing Farmed Meat with Lab Grown Meat on Supermarket Shelves Everywhere
McKenzie Clark*
Florida Institute of Technology

Data-Driven Energy Development in the Year 2035
Samuel Dunbar
North Carolina State University

Mass Customization by Designing the Customer Order Decoupling Point Using the Formulation Exploration Method
Lin Guo
The University of Oklahoma

The High-Tech Global Design and Manufacturing Enterprise of 2035
Jacob Hunter*
Brigham Young University

Additive Manufacturing in Space
Adam Madison*
Florida Institue of Technology

The Future of High-Tech Global Manufacturing and Design
Donovan A. Ross
Oregon State University

Human-Robot Symbiosis in Manufacturing and Design
Darshan Yadav
Florida Institute of Technology

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